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We've made a new addition to the shop lately, our felt animals as prints! 
Hot Air Balloon Adventure Print
We've been experimenting with making bigger and more elaborate pieces. The  hot air balloon print with Reginald and Beauregard, pictured above, is from a shadowbox we recently made. The image in the shadowbox was made just like all of our ornaments. Every piece was hand cut and  then hand stitched. You may have spotted it on our recent tables at Wondercon and the Long Beach Patchwork show.  

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Two week recap!  I spent most of last week looking at this...
messy deskLots of time at my desk and working on the computer updating listings and restocking most of the Squshies. I'm hoping the new listings make everything easier to read.  I was able to fix a lot of typos too. We also started customizing our Storenvy shop with CSS stuff. Still a work in progress so might be looking wonky for a bit. After updating all the listings, the skinny 3 column set up that is the default was driving me crazy! I also have way too much stuff on my desk.

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