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Hello Squshie friends! It's been a while, but we're back!

I realized I'd written about our move in the newsletter, but I totally forgot to post on the blog!

Squshie Move

After months of searching we finally found a place to live in the Bay Area! Well not quite the Bay Area. We ended up in Stockton, much further east than we were planning, but we found a cute little house to rent!

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I mentioned in last week's newsletter that 2016 was shaping up to be quite a year and I wasn't kidding. The last 2 weeks have been pretty stressful as we were waiting to get the final answer on some really big news and the weekend was spent making a decision about that really big news

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May has been one crazy month! We finished our move and are just about set up in our new place. Here's a picture of the front area before we moved all our stuff in. This big area will be our new studio space.

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