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manatee felt ornament
This month's Squshie interview is with Penelope the Manatee!  She's answering all your questions from FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Ready to read Penelope's answers to your questions? 

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Last week we talked about some of the similarities between dugongs and manatees. This week we're going to look more closely at manatees like Penelope!

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I've love finding out new stuff about animals. I learn so much writing Wildlife Wednesday posts and I also get introduced to new animals by taking suggestions for the Daily Zoodle, new animals like the Dugong.

dugong hoop art
Dugong was recently a prompt for Daily Zoodle. I'd heard of dugongs before, but I'd always assumed that it was just another word for manatee, or maybe a specific type of manatee. I was wrong!
felt ornament manatee
Which brings me to the next 3 weeks of Wildlife Wednesday posts. We're going to talk about Dugongs and Manatees. They have a lot in common, but a lot of differences too. We're going to start by comparing and then spend a week looking at each a bit more closely. Let's get started!

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Busy week last week of re-doing almost all the photos in the shop. There are a few photos left that need to be updated like the Reindeer Support Team, who aren't currently up in the shop. Also the 80's cats. Since they are so much bigger than the ornaments, one piece of paper doesn't work for a backdrop so I need to edit out the ugly lines where the papers overlap.
I hope everyone enjoys the new shop look as much as I do!  The colors and patterns are so much more fun than the white backgrounds and I feel fun is a good fit for the Squshies. The colored backgrounds also seem to help the felt colors photograph more accurately.
Now on to the newest Squshies!
squshie felt animal manatee

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