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Beauregard the Hippo is super excited ...he just received his very first fan art!! Beauregard is very glad someone see's what a wonderful Sherlock he would make.This awesome picture is from Craftypodes! Have you made any Squshies art? We'd love to see it! Have Squshies at home? We'd love seeing them in their new habitats! Email your photos to to have them featured on the blog!

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Kelly in California took advantage of our recent birthday sales to add some more felt critters to her collection to keep her company at her office

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I love seeing Squshies in their new habitats! I got this cute picture from Christina in California.  She ordered these 2 custom cat ornaments for her friends a couple of years ago. She was happy to say they are still proudly on display. I think these 2 cats were our very first custom order. They were so much fun and it makes me so happy to see them being loved in their new home. Do you have Squshies? We love seeing them in their new homes! Just e-mail your photos to

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We got some awesome photos to share today! Toni downloaded our free Ludwig the T-Rex Papertoy and sent us pictures of her finished dinosaur. Didn't she do an awesome job?  Looks like Ludwig has made a new T-Rex friend too, Norman! Norman is the mascot for Toni's shop, Little House of Crafting. T-Rexes gotta stick together! Have you made a papertoy Ludwig? We'd love to see your finished dinos! Just e-mail your photos to

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Some fun new photos of Squishes in their new habitats! 
bear ornament

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