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During Daily Zoodle this year Jason did a whole series of alliteration animals doodles. The Dastardly Dugong was too fun of an idea not to make into a hoop. He was a hit and found a home immediately. Even more important, he was a ton of fun to make!
We've wanted to make more ever since and this month we finally made it happen with 4 new silly alliteration animals! 

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dugong hoop art
We've compared manatees and dugongs and we've talked about the manatee on Wildlife Wednesday. That means this week is all about the dugong!

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I've love finding out new stuff about animals. I learn so much writing Wildlife Wednesday posts and I also get introduced to new animals by taking suggestions for the Daily Zoodle, new animals like the Dugong.

dugong hoop art
Dugong was recently a prompt for Daily Zoodle. I'd heard of dugongs before, but I'd always assumed that it was just another word for manatee, or maybe a specific type of manatee. I was wrong!
felt ornament manatee
Which brings me to the next 3 weeks of Wildlife Wednesday posts. We're going to talk about Dugongs and Manatees. They have a lot in common, but a lot of differences too. We're going to start by comparing and then spend a week looking at each a bit more closely. Let's get started!

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funny hoop art

Dastardly Dugong does despicable deeds. Distressing damsels, distributing disreputable documents, and dumping do-gooders in dungeons. Definitely diabolic!

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