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What a whirlwind of a weekend! We were at Odd Nights at the Autry National Center on Friday evening. On Saturday we were at the Ontario Art Walk and Loft Tour. This was extra special event for us because it was the first time the Art Walk has taken place while we've been in our new space.

Squshies Giant Wooden Dinosaurs

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So remember when we went on vacation weeks ago? I've made a few post about the last part of our vacation like our visit to the San Diego Zoo and Legoland. Well now to start with the first part!
Well the first part of our many weeks away started off with lots of family and friends coming in for our wedding!  We got married on June 23. I'm very slow at blogging,  but I'm finally taking the time to sit down and blog about. Plus I've now got pictures to show you and blog posts are more fun with photos.

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Cutting is done! The T-Rex arch needs only some sanding and sealing to be completely finished.

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Here it is, completed, and supporting its own weight for several days. This 8 foot tall wooden T-Rex still needs a few finishing touches, but with this the test phase is over. I know it works and is stable, so it's time to buy more wood and build the second half of the T-Rex wedding arch. Now you may bask in it's glory...

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Here's a peek at the progress on my first 8 foot tall T-Rex skeleton =)

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