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It has been a whole month since I updated the blog! That's no good! So what has been happening for the last few weeks?
Mostly I've been working on planning and prepping for DesignerCon. It will be Squshies first show so I really don't know what to expect. I'm trying to be as prepared as possible and having lots of everything. That means lot and lots of sewing and figuring out how to best set up our booth. I'll have more on that when I've actually got something to show. So far it has been lots of research and discussion.

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I sat down to type a recap and I realized I didn't take any pictures this week. Not even Instagram photos. Did I not do any work last week?  I've had a few off weeks lately but this week I felt like I'd actually done something but I couldn't think of what it was!

Then I remembered I didn't have any pictures because I didn't spend as much time on Squshies as I usually do. I was animating!

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